Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time to apply the pressure............

The web site is

This is the Google forum page for blogger where all the high I.Q. geeks and some Google employees hang out. 

We all need to go there and ask that blogger be updated to allow us to respond to comments such as was on the stream and have the person who left the comment get an email notification.  

I have already posted a suggestion request, but just one will have no cumulative effect, so we need a lot of bloggers to make the same suggestion and pass it on to everyone............

Thanks for your consideration in this endeavor ..........


  1. TAB:

    Due consideration given. Sounds like a good idea.

  2. Thanks Whit....if enough request are made, they may take it under advisement .....

  3. don't hold your breath, Tab.

  4. Bella, I'm turning blue you tell me.....gee thanks.......

  5. We hafta tell Google they can attach an ad to the email response. Now THAT will get their attention....

  6. Skinny, that would sure get it done right ???????