Monday, May 30, 2011



Police said the driver of a truck that crashed into a Winston-Salem florist shop hit two other vehicles first. 

Police said Felipe Pellez was driving his Dodge Ram pickup east on Kernersville Road when he ran the stoplight at Sedge Garden Road at about 8:22 a.m. He hit a Chevrolet Silverado and a Toyota Pruis before crashing into the shop.
The store owner was not in the shop at the time. He said he had just left to walk across the street to go to a convenience store to get some coffee and was about to walk into the store when he saw everything happen.
Pellez was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment of an arm injury. He was released later in the morning.
Police said Pellez would be cited for running a red light and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

Yes this is my Florist it looked about 9:15am this morning.....

What a ficking mess this guy made to the inside of my building, 
not to mention the building itself. 

May I suggest to all who view this post that you avoid this type of holiday entertainment as it not very enjoyable. 

In 93 degree heat, we had to clean out the destruction inside which included a 2 door flower cooler, numerous tables, racks, storage cabinets, floral supplies and work benches...

Then we had to frame out the hole in the wall and secure the building until such time as permanent repairs can be made....

This is one memorial day I will remember......

Saturday, May 28, 2011


According to Wikipedia:

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.[1] In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion, and affection. Love is central to many religions, as in the Christian phrase, "God is love" or Agape in the Canonical gospels.[2] Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion.[3] Or as actions towards others based on affection.[3]

Well I'm not sure....but to be honest I am having a love affair and I wanted to share it will all my Blogger Friends....

Some will say this is forbidden, un-natural, sick, depraved and sinful but I just can't help myself. Love overshadows 
one's ability to be rational..........

Monday, May 23, 2011

I guess it was about time........

As most of you know by now, old TAB is not prone to
A.  Bragging
B.  Blowing one's own horn
C.  Rubbing things in
D.  Hyperbole
F.  Telling untruths

But I could not resist writing my first post on my BRAND NEW HP LAPTOP !!!!!!!!!    na na na na

You see I use a puter for emails, business web sites and advertising, an occasional post to this blog, and researching data on the web, online banking, online shopping, online bill paying and little else.................

I have been using a Netbook which allowed me to do almost everything I need to has a remote printer and a remote mouse if I choose to use them. It was light and I could take it anywhere and use it with my
4G wireless internet usb modem....

It did not have an abundance of memory, nor disc had no DVD drive which I need occasionally,
and it was in the current state of technology slow.....So........

Having a keen  eye for things you don't see everyday I spotted this 15.6 HP Compaq Presario CQ56 on sale at wallyworld for only has 2GB ?Ram and a 250GB hard drive but it does all I need to do and more and faster and I don't have to squint to see the screen........Full size keyboard so I don't get 3 letters with each touch of the fingers......

The little one will stay at the business as it is well capable of doing all that needs done there. and big daddy will remain home safe and secure........

I likes to see what those porn movies look like on the Big Screen......LOL........

Sunday, May 22, 2011

HELL......WHY NOT????

Based on the following article, I am starting the "World not ending anytime soon" ministry.

I need contributions in the millions to get the word out across the globe.

Please tell all your friends to please help me in this effort and contribute as much as possible.

As the talk of a world-ending Rapture turns to ridicule, a new set of worries is coming to the fore: How will the followers of Family Radio preacher Harold Camping react to their failure to ascend to heaven? What about all those millions of dollars that were contributed to Camping's cause, including the life savings that were exhausted in the effort? And what does this portend for next year, when an even more highly publicized date with doomsday is due?
First, about the failed prophecy: With just a few hours before Rapture Saturday goes into the history books, this day turned out to be pretty normal, all in all. No cataclysmic earthquakes (although there was an Icelandic eruption and a couple of significant shakersin Japan and a New Zealand island chain). No global strife (except for the usual mayhem in the usual places). And no snatching up of millions of believers into heaven (although a good number of pranksters made it look as if clothes and shoes were "left behind").
Also, no sign of Camping himself. The minister's California-based broadcasting concern has collected and spent millions of dollars over the past few years to promote his prophecy that Judgment Day would come on May 21, 2011, based on his own idiosyncratic interpretation of Bible numerology. He and other church leaders are likely to avoid making a public appearance until Sunday at the earliest. (The Family Radio website has been offline for most of the day today.)
Some of Camping's are already returning to their daily lives. The Associated Press highlighted the case of Keith Bauer, a tractor-trailer driver who hung around Family Radio's Oakland headquarters today waiting for the end. "I had some skepticism, but I was trying to push the skepticism away because I believe in God," Bauer told AP. "I was hoping for it because I think heaven would be a lot better than this earth."
Then he added, "It's God who leads you, not Harold Camping."
Bauer and his family took a week off to make the cross-country drive from their home in Maryland, and they'll start the drive back home on Sunday.
Anthea Butler, a professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, told NBC News that the ordeal is far from over for Camping's followers. For some of them, who have spent their life savings to spread the word of the Rapture, the worst days could well lie ahead.
"I think it's important to watch out for people who were in the midst of this group, to make sure that they don't harm themselves, or that they don't harm others," she said.
When prophecy fails
The Oakland connection brought to mind the case of Rev. Jim Jones, who got his start as a charismatic religious leader in that city, brought his followers to a People's Temple religious community set up in the jungles of Guyana ... and touched off a mass suicidethere in 1978. The 1997 mass suicide of Heaven's Gate UFO cultists in the San Diego area serves as yet another cautionary tale from California.
But unlike People's Temple and Heaven's Gate, Family Radio did not isolate its supporters under cultlike conditions. Rather, these are regular Christians who sent in millions of dollars in contributions but continued to be engaged in their communities. A better analogy might be found in the case of the "Planet Clarion" UFO cult, which was the subject of the 1956 book "When Prophecy Fails." 
In the early 1950s, a Chicago housewife named Dorothy Martin attracted followers who believed her claim that a great flood would destroy the earth on Dec. 21, 1954. Only Martin's followers would be saved, supposedly by the alien beings that had alerted her to the threat via automatic writing. The authors of the book infiltrated the group and saw firsthand how the group reacted when the promised rescue (and flood) did not come. 
The group waited until past the bitter end for the aliens' arrival, experiencing deep disappointment at the prophecy's failure. But a few hours after the deadline, Martin transmitted the message that the cataclysm had actually been called off due to divine intervention. This re-energized the group to reach out and spread the word once more. The episode helped lay the foundation for the concept of cognitive dissonance, pioneered by social psychologist Leon Festinger, one of the co-authors of "When Prophecy Fails."
A great disappointment
In the case of Family Radio, there are additional factors in play: One has to do with the huge amounts of money collected and spent by the non-profit organization. Although verifiable figures on Family Radio's current finances are not available, the organization had $72 million in net assets at the end of 2009. How much of that remains, especially considering that Camping apparently expected to have shuffled off this mortal coil by now? Could contributors make legal claims on those funds?
The highly publicized failure of the prophecy could generate a backlash among the wider public as well. It's strange to think that the non-end of the world would spark an angry response, but there is a precedent: When Baptist preacher William Miller's prediction of a Second Advent on Oct. 22, 1844, failed to pay off, the "Great Disappointment" led to violence against Miller's followers in some quarters.
I can guarantee that there won't be any tarring-and-feathering of Camping or his supporters, as there was in the case of the Millerites. Nevertheless, there is some understandable resentment over this episode, as expressed in some of the postings to theCosmic Log Facebook page.
At least one good thing may come out of today's non-Rapture: More folks are likely to realize that there's nothing to numerological mumbo-jumbo, whether it comes from the Bible or the Maya calendar. If fewer people are freaked out about the supposed predictions that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, that's a very good thing. The end will come, whether it's tomorrow or several billion years from now. But as a famous man once said, we do not know the day or the hour. Until then, make the most of every day, have your disaster kit ready ... and for heaven's sake, DON'T PANIC!  
Update for 9:15 a.m. ET May 22: Rapture Saturday is now history all over the world, and Camping's prophecy is now a total fail. Journalists caught up with Staten Island retiree Robert Fitzpatrick, who spent $140,000 of his own money to put up advertising about the end of the world and wrote a book about "The Doomsday Code." The Associated Press quoted him as saying, "I can't tell you what I feel right now. ... Obviously, I haven't understood it correctly because we're still here."
After spending five years preparing for a Rapture that didn't come, Fitzpatrick said he didn't know what his next move would be. "I'm tired," the Staten Island Advance quoted him as saying. "I was working hard trying to get the word out. I'm very surprised. I fully expected that something would happen."
There's still no word from Camping himself, but things are getting ugly on his Facebook page.

Friday, May 20, 2011


While I do not subscribe to the doomsday scenario portrayed as being
tomorrow Sat 5/21 it raises an interesting thought process........

The world could end at any time. We are not privy to when that divine 
intervention will occur. Also any of us can be taken at any given time without
forewarning via any number of different circumstances. 

The question arises that if you or one you love or care about was taken
suddenly or if the world as we know it came to a sudden end, 
have you said and done all the things you were intending to do 
or said all the things you intended to say in regards to these people. 

Or have you like most, put it off thinking you can do it later. 
Thinking that you have plenty of time.

If you or they left this world tonight, how many things that you 
wanted to say and do have you not done. 

When was the last time you gave them a hug, 
told them you loved them, 
asked if there was anything you could do for them
and told them just how important they are in your life.

I know oh so many people who just sit back and think
If only I had..................
I wish I could have said goodbye.....
I meant to..........but did not......
I should have..............
I feel so guilty for not.....................and I will never have another opportunity........

If you fall into this category, even though the world will not end tonight
make believe that it will and 
just do it before it's to late. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Over to the right of this post you will see a link to "Blogger Buzz".

I noticed the title tonight and so I went and read it.....Here is what it says....

We know that most of you blog for the sake of sharing your thoughts and opinions, however a little side income is like an unexpected gift. Today we’re releasing a new gadget that allows your readers to directly contribute to your blog. The gadget can be added to any part of your page, but we’ve formatted it to fit best in the sidebar.

It goes on to tell you how to set up this gadget on your blog.

So now Blogger will assist people who wish to beg for money...
How tacky...How very very tacky.....

I urge you to go to Blogger Forum and express your opinion.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011





Sunday, May 15, 2011


2 weeks of working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day will make TAB a irritable tired SOB.

You reach a point that you must resign from polite society as you can no longer be trusted
around reasonable polite people....

My solution...Get naked, get in the hot tub, and leave unambiguous threats against the family,
the neighborhood, the town, the state and the federal government that anything that would
cause an interruption of this activity would be met with fatal bodily harm.

Break out the Crown Royal, bring the unopened bottle with you and a cooler of ice.....and pipe the Boston Pops to the patio....

Now, sit back, relax, drink until your stupid and your skin looks like a dried date.  Let nothing, I mean nothing, interrupt your quite time.....Now here's the critical part...stay in this environment until you only have
enough strength and sensibility to crawl to your bed...failure to do this will result in sleeping on the side of the
hot tub, on the patio, or in the hallway to the bedroom.....Set no alarm's sleep until your body says to get up
then sleep 4 more hours....

Not sure what I have accomplished as now I have a splitting headache, my hair itches, my teeth hurt, and I feel like I got run over by a big truck. And I have to start this chit all over at 6:00am tomorrow morning......

Sometimes think I would be better off getting a sleeping bag, a bottle of Windex, a squeegee and heading to the beach and become a beach bum.....I could offer to clean window's during the day to pay for my Crown and sleep on the beach........Time to check out Bass Pro Shop I understand they have nice sleeping bags at
great prices.........

Friday, May 13, 2011

As you may have noticed.........

Blogger has been in read only mode for a day or more.....

The elite team at Blogger Central stated they were doing maintenance and everything would be back to normal "soon"........

Please say hello to the elite maintenance Blogger team (from left to right Larry, Curley and Moe)

Well "soon" arrived and Blogger was back to "normal"........Oh wait...a correction is needed here.....

Comments that were placed on blogs before........ well before the elite maintenance Blogger team got hold of the keyboard and the internal code are gone......

Would not be surprised if some entire post are missing also......

Kudos to the elite maintenance Blogger team....nice work have really impressed me with your skill and is a little something just for you..................

To borrow a phrase.....I'm sorry, I can't be kind about this..these people are watching re-runs of TRON as if it were a documentary ............

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have a serious delima in the US today.  We can do something about it....

We need your help to effect change.....


(A)  The number of physicians in the  U.S. is 700,000.
(B)  Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
(C)  Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171

Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.


(A)  The number of gun owners in the  U.S. is 80,000,000.
       (Yes, that's 80 million)

(B)  The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.
(C)  The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .000188

Statistics courtesy of FBI


statistically, doctors are approximately
9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Remember, 'Guns don't kill people, doctors do.'



Almost everyone has at least one doctor.

This means you are over 900 times more likely to be killed by a doctor as a gun owner!!!

Please alert your friends to this alarming threat.

We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!!!!  Call your senator and plead for doctor control.

Out of concern for the public at large, I withheld the statistics on lawyers
for fear the shock would cause

people to panic and seek medical attention!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Spend 5 minutes with my buddy lewis Black and you will have a full understanding of the Old Vs New Testaments of the bible which can be somewhat confusing for many......  It is very clear on evolution, gay marriage and some other troublesome issues.....Watch.....learn......enjoy........and should you break out in laughter it's ok...........