Monday, May 30, 2011



Police said the driver of a truck that crashed into a Winston-Salem florist shop hit two other vehicles first. 

Police said Felipe Pellez was driving his Dodge Ram pickup east on Kernersville Road when he ran the stoplight at Sedge Garden Road at about 8:22 a.m. He hit a Chevrolet Silverado and a Toyota Pruis before crashing into the shop.
The store owner was not in the shop at the time. He said he had just left to walk across the street to go to a convenience store to get some coffee and was about to walk into the store when he saw everything happen.
Pellez was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment of an arm injury. He was released later in the morning.
Police said Pellez would be cited for running a red light and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

Yes this is my Florist it looked about 9:15am this morning.....

What a ficking mess this guy made to the inside of my building, 
not to mention the building itself. 

May I suggest to all who view this post that you avoid this type of holiday entertainment as it not very enjoyable. 

In 93 degree heat, we had to clean out the destruction inside which included a 2 door flower cooler, numerous tables, racks, storage cabinets, floral supplies and work benches...

Then we had to frame out the hole in the wall and secure the building until such time as permanent repairs can be made....

This is one memorial day I will remember......


  1. Damn, I hope he actually had a valid insurance policy. Glad you were not hurt either.

  2. Postman...yes thank God he had a valid drivers license and insurance (Allstate)..I called the claims department and told them what he had done and they seemed very co-operative on the phone...
    Sure am glad I will not be paying his premiums in the future....LOL....

  3. Maybe he was trying to pick up some flowers in a hurry, a birthday he forgot to plan for.

  4. If the driver had been killed, he would have had lots of flowers at his funeral. :^)

    Seriously, I am sorry you have to go through cleaning up this mess.

  5. Fringe....well I hope he is not in a hurry anymore as he is probably walking or calling a cab....his truck is totaled and I'm sure even if he can get insurance again it may be cost prohibitive......

  6. Whit.... We would have been happy to do his funeral had that happened with payment in advance....

    I appreciate the humor, and yes I am also......

  7. oh Tab, so glad you or your wife didn't get hurt. Gawd, I can't imagine the mess and cleanup; its been so hot and humid here too, just makes anything disastrous more so. Huggggggzzzzzzz.

  8. Bella...thanks for the kind the saying goes I guess it was not my time yet...Had I waited 3 minutes to go and get my coffee I would have been right there behind that wall cleaning the floor from all the mess we made doing the wedding...I would have been toast as they say....

  9. okay its been a few days, whats the news?

  10. Geez, lucky you left. I remember a case in Vegas where a guard happened to be away from his normal break spot when a truck smashed through the fence, right where he would have been.

    Good thing this guy had insurance. At least you get reimbursed. Seems like too often this kind of thing happens to a drunk driver that has no insurance and no money.