Thursday, June 7, 2012

OK, I'm lost here....
1.  how do I find other streamers blogs ??? (no search by name, and I don't know the blog titles to find them)

2.  How do I follow someone ??? (can't find a follow tab anywhere).

I know it's been a while plus they have changed it.....watched the vid but it gave no clues..........................

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Experiment 101:   New blogger post.

Whit's research on blog sites resulted in awarding Blogger 5 stars.  Due mainly to improvements in the product.

Not sure what that entails but I do like the new editor. But when I first came back it took me a while to be able to even get to my blog page.  Don't know who's left here so will have to do some checking on that front.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.....Give a shout.....

Well tried to leave here and go to my page again, alas have not arrived there yet so I am back here in edit mode to make this last comment.....going to try again.....wish me luck