Sunday, June 5, 2011


Not much news to tell in my world.

The Florist building has been cleaned up to the extent we can clean it up.  The entire corner of the building from the side entrance all the way around to where the truck crashed through is going to have to be rebuilt from about
6 feet from the ground up to the roof as the impact cracked the side wall and moved it about 1/2 inch to the left.

So we are waiting for that to be completed before we try to continue with a interior rebuild. We have quite
a lot of equipment and storage units and work stations to replace not to mention a stand up 2 door flower

Still no contact from Allstate as they are hemming around about something to do with this guys policy limits and until they have a complete picture to all claims (2 cars, the building, the contents in the building plus his truck) their hands are tied......How convenient for them....

I have already spoken with a law firm and should their assistance be needed it it available.. I will most probably need them.

In the meantime life goes on...we remain open and serving the public if even in a less than desirable environment.....but for the most part you just gotta grin and bear it, laugh a little as crying does not
accomplish anything.....

So for all you cell talking, distracted, in a hurry, paying no attention drivers on the roads I have but one


  1. OMG!!!!

    Were you open when he decided to create a drive thru window?

  2. Oh yes...see previous post.....

  3. Maybe you can get the guy arrested as enemy combatant and charged with rape. It looks like he got part way in. The military code defines rape as "penetration, no matter how slight is sufficient for completion of the act".

  4. Fringe....His rape was bliss compared to the rape about to be performed on me by his insurance company........can you spell L A W Y E R ! ! ! !

  5. Next time, try Farmers Insurance Company. My experience with that company has always been positive.

  6. Whit...I guess the driver of the vehicle is in good hands with Allstate...The victims also are in "good hands with Allstate" if that means Allstate will squeeze your balls until blood runs out of your ears........Thank God for Lawyers....Oh I forgot..I hate lawyers......