Monday, June 6, 2011


This is day 2 of this terrible hacked post against me.

We still have no concrete answers but are continuing 
to explore every avenue available to us to find the person(s)

again, I did not do this, I have no idea who did. 

* * * * * * A L E R T * * * * * *
                  TO  ALL 

Anthony Weiner is not alone in his current
internet and web based photo scandal. 

My Twitter, Facebook and Blogger accounts
have also been hacked and data extorted by 
parties unknown at the current time.............

Someone, who we can not identify at this time
has posted this photo to my blogger post. 

I have no idea who could have done this...
I have no idea why someone would do this....
I can not say one way or the other that the photo is of me....
I can not say how someone accomplished doing this.....

We do have people looking into who, how and why this was done...

I can only ask my supporters to know that I did not do this.....


  1. You are 3 hours too late with your satire.

    Anthony Weiner admitted he did it. I think it is now your turn to tell the truth. ROFLMAO

  2. That reminds me. My wife wanted me to add Polish sausage to the shopping list. :^)

  3. Sherry, is there any one person on the face of the earth that believed the story this idiot was telling....I gotta tell you...if there is a picture of your penis on the internet, you know if it is yours or not.......unbelievable

  4. you find a true Italian butcher shop with a friendly butcher to get that kind of sausage for your wife.......ROFLMAO............

  5. I thought maybe you put that picture up to unveil some new kind of flower for the ladies....

  6. TAB,

    I was hoping he wasn't guilty, right up to "I can't say with any certitude that isn't me." Once that was out there, I knew it wouldn't be long before the fall.

  7. Look,
    If the man is indeed hung like a race horse like the photo shows - Who cares if he has to resign from Congress or endure a mega-costly divorce - the man has a great career in porn.


  8. TAB, Keep looking for those who done you wrong man.

  9. geeze, talk about scandalous! I think most would run from that! LOL...

  10. My goodness. Is it hot in here or is it just me? He's got my vote!

  11. Tab, please come back. Where are you? Did you get the store repaired. What's the latest? Miss you.