Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seems the older I get the more often it happens........

In my teens I was invincible.....nothing could bother or harm me...Every day was a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

In my twenties to forties I was to busy building my career and making my mark on the world at large.
I had no time to worry about small unimportant issues.  The only thing I really was concerned with was
where we were going to spend our vacation and just how many different golf courses could I play in a

Then in my fifties something happened....something I can't explain or even say I was aware of that it
was happening to me.  I begin to become annoyed by the smallest of issues and people who displayed
traits of total stupidity and lack of common sense.  I discovered that I had no time for these people
and no longer cared about helping them with their cognitive behavior.

I could still be civil in my dealing and contact with these people but really felt put upon to have to
endure such activity.

Now in my sixties ...........I really thought I would become wiser and have an abundance of patience but I
have discovered two things.......



  1. TAB:

    You are right! After retirement, no patience is needed, because you just don't give a shit any longer. :)

  2.'s been a hard