Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Thanks and Appreciation to Missy Bella

For being such a good sport and all around great gal.

She is the best.

Thanks Bella, your the greatest......

Anymore wise ass comments and I will post a naked picture of Kristy Alley (pre diet) and swear it is you......


  1. naked picture?

    Tab, as your profile states, you read only naked women storybooks...hahaha...for shame! You seem to have a fetish for nakedness...LOL...I bet you run around naked all the time, dontcha?

    get your hormones checked!

  2. Of course you could you not......

  3. I have no idea how anyone could resist Paul Newman! LOL...

    anyway, have a great Easter Sunday! busy time for the floral shop?

  4. Yes, this week has been very busy...still got tomorrow to go...Then next week is Prom weekend, then Mothers Day weekend, and another prom weekend on Mothers Day weekend also....lot's of Crown Royal in my future.....LOL