Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jury still out on this site but deliberations are underway

Have spent about 2 hours looking at site and options.

Still seem to have trouble finding an easy navigation tool
to go to other blogs quickly. I am sure it's here, I just
have not found it yet.

Better editor for posting that's nice.....
Gadgets and formats of blog pages giving me a little trouble
at this point.

Anyway, will continue to fumble around for a while.

Anyway, If I haven't found your blog yet give me time....

Got's to be a easy way to index blogs somewhere in here.

Suggestions welcome !!!!!!   LOL,,,,,,,

Don't say anything about this to Bella, she already thinks I am an idiot and she does not need more ammo.


  1. Tab:
    I use my favorite blogs list to navigate the site. there still isn't a home page or anything. when you start finding and following more people, you can make you own blog list to navigate the site with.

  2. TAB:

    I think I have my icon on your blog twice. That will give a choice as to which one to click on. :)

    Like Scratch, I got to your site by checking the update list.

  3. Scratch and Whit....thanks...velly interesting......I did see a gadget but it was for URL's ..but I will go look again...thanks again.

  4. Tab:

    You should be able to use either the URL or Blogs I follow option.. then you just click the little white box beside the the name of the blog that you want to list. Don't forget to save them.

  5. oh yeah, here ya are I see...

    use the gadget...put the URL in from the blog you want to add silly willy!

  6. It's ok Bella....I'm not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree but if you thump me a couple of times I will work.....LOL

  7. Another method is to click "Follow" button on top of any blog you want to follow, which adds it to your list. Then if you come to blogger and sign in, you'll have your Dashboard page pop up. That has a box for blogs you're following, and you can click on updates to go to a site. Once done reading, close that window and you're back to dashboard.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Thanks Skinny....sure does

  9. TAB,
    Found your blog and you are among many Blogstreamers going through the feeling out process here.

    Also, my security word for posting a comment is cactente which sounds like a treaty between cacti.

  10. Mr.O...Nice to hear from you after so long of my being away from the stream......glad you are here.....keep in touch....