Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Sherlock Holmes Moment

Elementary my dear Watson..........

I use a HP laptop here at home.  I use Chrome as my browser. I am running Windows 7.

I use gmail as mail server. I have 2 gmail accounts (one personal one for business).

I also have firefox on the system as well as IE.  I do not IE for anything. However there are certain web sites
that if they open aux service windows they use IE protocols in the background.

I do use firefox only for one purpose.....There are times I need both gmail email accounts open at the same time.
(personal and business) so I will open firefox and open my business gmail account so both are open at the same time negating the task of having to sign out of one gmail account to open the second and vice versa. summerize   I have chrome open for all computing applications.
I have firefox open only to have my other gmail account open.

Starting today for reasons I can not determine I could open blogger but I could not view my blog. I had all dashboard functions available except view blog.  View blog would give me a blank screen.

Only after running CCleaner was I able to open blogger and view blog ???????????????????????????????

It's beyond my understanding and comprehension so all you Sherlock's out there feel free to comment.......

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  1. its elementary my Dear have a bug!

  2. or...

    had a bug...but you squished it? LOL

  3. Bella....this is a NBA zone....(no bugs allowed)..:)

  4. TAB.
    Chrome didn't work well for me - screwed up all sorts of shit. Tried Firefox; was the same. Run a free registry cleaner from Hippo.


  5. Sarge...yes I know...damned if you do and damned it you don't....

    hate organization ...
    love chrome......easy to use and faster than other browers..but may have a few issues...
    IE.... hell easy to be attacked......

    so....who's on first....yes..who..that's right

  6. TAB:

    Every time I have a computer problem, I clear my cache and delete all cookies and then restart the computer. Most of the time, that solves the problem.

  7. for whatever reason (??????????) after I re-applied all by blogger bear in mind I did not change any of them just called them up and said SAVE. I changed honey...left them as they were but now the damn thing is working again.....go figure.....